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Food Photography and Interior Photography

Spitfire Restaurant

As a regular visitor to Spitfire over the years, photographing their remarkable dishes has often been a tasty experience, often indulging in a few samples along the way. At Spitfire Barbecue they meticulously source top-quality meats to craft a barbecue experience that stands out. Their commitment to excellence is evident as they prepare our meats daily, ensuring that only the finest quality is presented directly from the smokers, delivering an authentic Texan-style BBQ.


Focussing on the aesthetic composition, colours, textures, and overall presentation of their exceptional food has effortlessly transformed their dishes into a visually enticing and delicious feast. Our approach to food photography and styling is a seamless fusion, always converging to produce visually appealing and appetising images that celebrate the art of culinary delights.  

Integrating this with a collection of interior and architectural photography, skilfully designed by the talented team at Simple Simon Design, has made working on this project a delightful experience from the beginning.

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