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Interior Photography and How We Capture Hotels

Before we became commercial photographers in Bristol..

Chris and I started out as wedding photographers. Still today we absolutely love documentary photography and capturing natural moments between people but as the years have gone by we have delved into different areas of photography and our range of skills has broadened and developed. This artistic and creative background has leant itself to ensuring our work stands out in the crowd and elevates all of our commercial photography.

Our background in lifestyle photography…

One particular area that has grown is our love of interior photography. Our attention to detail and our background in lifestyle photography has not only benefitted the essential wide shots but the important details of carefully sourced materials and the well thought out positions of furniture that complement fabrics, light and textures in the space.

We take enormous pleasure in editing interiors of hotels and homes in particular, focusing on bringing a space to life through our commitment to perfect lighting and framing, creating inviting images of spaces you can’t wait to visit and relax in. In addition to hotels we have been lucky enough to photograph some incredible theatres, offices and commercial buildings over the years.

From large chain hotels to independent boutique hotels our passion and attention to detail remains the same..

We pride ourselves on a meticulous attention to detail when editing images to ensure we deliver photographs of the highest standard. Many hotels from large chains to small independent boutique hotels have enlisted our skills to help showcase their rooms and public spaces to help reflect the quality and atmosphere of their businesses.

We work closely with our clients to understand their visual identity and brand aspirations so we capture the story behind every project. We understand that every development is unique and we want to reflect that in the images while also ensuring we create commercially viable images for online platforms like and others.

We also understand that businesses also may require multiple types of photography like professional headshots or food photography and pride ourselves in being versatile and experienced in these areas.

Want to work with us?

If you have a project that requires some professional photography please feel free to contact us to arrange a no pressure call.


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