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Headshot Photography

Ready for your Headshot?

You've made the decision to move your brand forward and invest in a personal branding session creating new headshots that will help you connect with your audience and be more visible. Feeling nervous? Don’t be! We have all the tips and tricks to support you to get the most out of your session with us. A little preparation can help to ensure we get photographs that you will be thrilled with! If you are not sure how to prepare for your headshot, we have listed some of the key ways you can prepare.

Where will we meet you for your headshot session?

For your personal branding session we will often meet you on location, perhaps at a cafe, your place of work or in a local park. We often request you take a little time to create a mood board on Pinterest, you might surprise yourself and realise you want something much more natural and relaxed than you realised. It also helps us support your core brand values and gives us a little insight into how you would like to present yourself.

If you need a more corporate setting we can also provide you with a pop up studio in your office with a range of colours to match your brand guidelines.

Planning your personal branding shoot

We understand that planning your day can be challenging when you are juggling so much in life but if you can try to make sure that you have some dedicated “me time” just before so you can really relax and not feel flustered after just rushing out of a meeting. Maybe book yourself to a visit to the hair salon or barbers, treat yourself!

Dress to impress for your photographs!

Dress for the shoot like you were dressing for a job you really want. Jackets and shirts always look good. Solid coloured clothing is flattering and less distracting than stripes and checks. Depending on your industry, do you need images in smart or casual clothing? Or even a variety depending on usage on different social media platforms etc.

Perhaps look at photos of yourself you have had taken before that you like. Did you have a certain hairstyle? Were you doing a specific pose, or wearing a specific colour? Also try to avoid logos on your shirts or jumpers, as this can run the risk images becoming dated quickly. Make sure your clothes are ironed and/or without wrinkles. If you have a lint roller, use it the night before. If you are having your photo taken for your employers’ website, maybe check with them on dress code. If you need to have a shave or maintain a trimmed beard. If you wear glasses, make sure to give them a quick clean before the shoot. Try and avoid glasses that have “transition lenses”, as they will look like sunglasses in your photos.

Again creating a Pinterest board will really help you reflect on the image you want to present to your audience. Once you have sent the mood board over to you we will go through it all with you, supporting you in your choices well in advance.

Style up your photoshoot!

Bring along some props. It may just be a laptop and a notebook but if you have any items that support your brand and tell your audience more about you and your business then don’t forget to bring it along. If you have a furry friend they are more than welcome too. These days people want to get to know the real you so if it’s important to you and your story then include it in your session.

Sleep…hydrate…hair check…relax!

Get a good night’s sleep the night before, being rested is by far the most effective method to looking great! Enjoy getting ready in the morning, perhaps choosing a few outfits and accessories. Don't take it all too seriously, we want you to enjoy your session with us as we know that's the best way to get great natural photos.

Your in safe hands..

Lastly relax, we know you probably haven’t done this very often but the good news is we have! We know how to put you at ease in front of the camera. You've done the hard part making the decision to invest in new headshots so now leave it to us to elevate your brand and help you connect with your audience.


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