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Headshot Photography Case Study

Anna Mead

Curious about what happens during a professional headshot session? Let's walk through Anna's recent experience with us in Bristol, where we had the pleasure of capturing some stunning shots for her.

Before Anna's Headshot Session

Before meeting, we kicked things off with a consultation. We chatted with Anna about her preferences, the purpose behind the headshots, and any specific requests or concerns she had in mind. We discussed wardrobe options, desired styles, and considered background choices, ensuring everything aligned with her vision.


On The Day Of Anna's Shoot

On the day of the shoot, we met in central Bristol, conveniently close to Anna's home. Throughout our time together, I provided guidance on posing and positioning, aiming to highlight her best angles and expressions. We made sure to mix things up, exploring various poses, expressions, and compositions to offer a diverse selection of images for Anna to choose from. Above all, my top goal was to make sure Anna felt totally at ease and chilled out during the shoot. We wanted to create a fun and easygoing vibe because we know that's the secret for capturing the best shots!

Editing Anna's Headshot Photography

Post-session, we carefully curated the best shots for further editing and retouching. Our goal is always to enhance the overall quality while maintaining a natural look. This may involve tweaks to color, contrast, brightness, and subtle touch-ups to ensure a polished finish.

Once the editing was complete, we delivered the final images to Anna via a secure online gallery. From there, she can use these headshots for any purpose she desires, whether it's for online social media platforms, job applications, or personal branding.

At the heart of our professional headshot sessions is a collaborative effort between the client and the photographer. We strive to create top-notch images that authentically represent each individual in a professional light. We feel on Anna's shoot we delivered this and got some cracking shots.

Check out some highlights from her session. On average we always provide between 30 - 45 edited images to choose from, but more often than not there are even more included. 

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